Monday, May 30, 2005


Spinning with dandelions has finally come to pass here at the dandelion spinnery. Or, rather, will come to pass. First we have to get to the part about dyeing the wool. Out at an organic farm yesterday I picked dandelions. I may have miscalculated my amount of dandelion flowers, but i suppose that's no surprise with someone who would pick five 1 gallon buckets crammed full of flowers in the first place. How I will fit these all in the dehydrator, I have no idea. The sun is out, so maybe I can sun dry them. Unfortunately, I still do not know how to post pictures on this beast of a blog, so I cannot show you the dandelions, the spun alpaca, the regia socks, or the fingerless mitt from hell. One day soon i will bend this blog to my will...and then...we shall


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