Monday, October 17, 2005

Flower Dud

There is a pattern, in my book of stiches, called Flower Bud. I always thought this would make a nice sock pattern, and perhaps it may, just not when -I- knit it. I knit this sock, from worsted weight wool, on 3.5mm's. I know, I know, I realize what I have done, completely wrong. I put lace all the way around, no ribbing in the back. Mistake #3. I did K1 P1 ribbing for the cuff, instead of K2 P2, mistake #4.

The sock, even after blocking, is very hard to get on. It fits, it's just hard to get on, it's also hard to get off, which could be a plus. The Flower Bud pattern, really doesn't look all that great. Maybe it's because I knit with worsted weight wool, on needles too small, I don't know. Normal wedge toe, i may have messed up on that too (possible mistake #5). I really couldn't get a decent picture of the sock AND the colour at the same time, it is, however, the same yarn used for the sock below.

I have discovered, that from one ball of guersney irish worsted weight, I can knit one dud lace sock, and one very nice "aran style" sock. I do not, however, know if i can knit two aran style socks from one ball. This was how much yarn i had left:

I love the cables on this sock. I have never really done cables before, and am just amazed by the perfect mathematical symmetry the display. I did get the side cables wrong, but i didn't feel like ripping out, and figured they could easily be covered by the cuff.

The front cable pattern was fairly simple to memorize, and I didn't need to use a cable needle, as i did on the side cables. I'm very pleased with the fit and appearance of the sock. Same wool as the flower dud, 4mm needles. MUCH better.


At Saturday, January 28, 2006 7:52:00 PM, Blogger Cerella said...

I really think that those are BOTH beautiful socks! Especially the top pair! In response to how to put buttons on your blog.....I don't know how to do it the correct way. :( Apparently I was stealing badwidth from other bloggers so I just took their buttons off completely but left their addresses. The other buttons that I have on my blog, I suppose that I am stealing their bandwidth. ??? Talitha and Lolly both tried to tell me how to do it but it didn't work. Maybe it is because I have an iMac. Hmm....I just don't know. So, I hope that you are able to figure it out. If not, I can email you the directions that they gave me. Thanks for reading my blog!


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