Friday, November 25, 2005

True Colours

For halloween, I thought it only fitting everyone be included in the festivities. And so, I give you, The Master of Disguise in the canine world, Coda!

In other news, there was The Weaver's Guild show and sale, where interesting things were purchased. There was the gorgeous Hand dyed Tencel warp. I was undecided about it, perhaps because of the cost, but thankfully, my erstwhile fibre companion, the wonderful Sue, made me do it. No hard feelings though, there's enough for two 66" long scarves with 6" fringe.

I was seriously harboring thoughts of spinning Coda's hair (not coloured) into the weft yarn, but i'm not sure how well they will blend. We shall see, since there will be no time for this project until I come back from vacation, on January 7th. Other spoils include some cones of Merino lacey/fingering weight in hunter green and dark brown, and some Linen for warp. No pictures, but they may find their way here at a later time.

In theory, there should be some yarn arriving from The Knitter for me. It's Jaeggerspun Zephyr Wool-Silk, in Aegean Blue, destined to become The Flirty Ruffles shawl. It was ordered quite some time ago, and should be here by next wednesday. Let's hope Customs doesn't decide it's a yarn bomb and hold it back for safety purposes. Because I'm really hoping to take it with me for airplane and vacation knitting.

Christmas Knitting is becoming more and more pressing. Worst of all, the yarn still has to be spun for the Gifts, so I can't just start them all right away. I have to spin and knit 3 pairs of mittens, one hat and one headband, before December 13th. Wish me luck.


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