Friday, December 02, 2005

Veni Vidi Vici.

It came, It saw, it conquered. The yarn that is. Not just any yarn though...Zephyr, Jaeggerspun Zephyr. As I was in the Kitchen making breakfast (at 1pm, but shhh) a package flew towards me and landed at my feet. I thought it was an awfully small package for three balls of yarn. Turns out that somehow I didn't expect it to be, floss. I couldn't help myself. I had bought the Addi Turbos, The yarn was here...casting on ensued.
Things seemed to be going well, it's my first time on a Real lace shawl. I was proud of myself that I hadn't made any big mistakes...of course, that would be exactly when it happened. I find, that knitting, is very much like skating, in that as soon as you start to get cocky and go "yeah, i'm good at this!" you'll fall flat on your face. Row 49, chart 1. I am supposed to have 49 stitches on each half. Knit one half, there is an extra stitch. Rip back until I think I found the problem. Knit. Still one extra stitch. Rip to the beggining of the row, this time I definitely fixed the problem. Knit to the marker but that an extra stitch? Cuss a little, then K2tog and solve the problem that way. Do the same thing for the other half. Work the purl back row, confidentally move on to Row 51. Knit to marker but, can it be? I'm missing a stitch. Cuss a lot, put it down, and work on a chiengora mitten.
Now, I generally like my mittens to be snug, and have shaping, but this, this seemed a little too snug. I tried it on, tried it on some more, but still came to the same conclusion. I don't want to have to rip this back too, but it's a special yarn, and I want the mittens to be perfect. And now, I get to rip back 4 rows of dental floss, and a whole F*%!$ing mitten. Perhaps this is my punishment for daring to work on two projects destined for Me, during what should be christmas knitting time. Maybe I should just stick to spinning.


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