Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blah Blah Blah

I'm not quite sure what to write about today. I barely made sign ups for Sockapaloooza. Yesterday was exceedingly frustrated, and I'm glad I remembered, or there might be broken objects around the house today. Judy from The Knitter has developed tendonitis in her arm, and as such is incapacitated in knitting and ball winding. If any of you have things ordered from Judy (and I know some of you secret pals will be taking advantage of that nice discount) go and wish her well.

She's also behind on several patterns and Zephyr colours, so I will not be knitting the peacock shawl for the olympics. I'll get the Sheep Shawl pattern, and the Pacific Northwest Shawl pattern. Two colours, white and ruby, who knows what will happen? My Indigo Hound Combs from Halcyon Yarn. I'm not too pleased with Halcyon. We requested they ship by UPS, and they did no such thing. When I received my package, it was addressed to "Edmunton" Alberta. They also sent me a Broken comb cover. No, not impressed. I'm about to order a good lot of spinning stuffz, and still don't know where to order from. But it won't be from Halcyon, that's for sure.

anyway, I washed the fleece from a cria named Storm. Every shade of grey imaginable in this little guy. I combed that. And combed it some more. I feel like I've been combing grey alpaca for a year. So, Heartily tired of grey, I switched to some of Fernando's fleece. It makes me weep. Fernando is an amazing boy, bred by TLC alpaca's, he now lives at The Farm At Rainbow's End. And I have his cria fleece. *laughs maniacally*. Long long staple, amazing crimp and luster, and best of all, very soft and gurad-hairless he's part Pure white, and part light brown. Unfortunately, while the base of the white sections are indeed, very white, the middle and tips are....grey. Evil, thy name is Dust! Actually, dust is only a minor annoyance compared to his truly horrible counterpart, Static. I can't do anything, it makes combing, separating fleece, and spinning Impossible. I hate static, aaaargh. As a sidenote, I have the fleeces of both Fernando's parents, Sadie and Checkmate. All lovely.

Here's some more alpaca, but this is from YKnot fibres, down in Fort Mcleod. Dave and Connie Carlson are the people who taught me to spin, back at South Country Fair '04. Seems like forever don't it?

As I'm sure you can all tell by now, I'm quite obsessed with Alpaca. I also have a real soft spot for darker browns, and I'll show you the consequences of that when they arrive.

I've been talking to Jackie over at Wind Dance Alpacas, and wouldn't you know that she has some darker brown male alpacas, not reg'd, but registerable, for sale at 250$? she also has eight cria's on the way, which will be ready to go in eight months-ish. Let's see how fast Melanie can move back to the Kootenays and get a farm?
More to come...


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