Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cold Turkey

Not a whole lot going on here. Yesterda I met up with my friend Veronika, over at River City Yarns. As I was browsing, I came upon some rovings. There was ingeo, soy silk, and bamboo. The bamboo was twice as expensive as the others, so I picked up a bag of soy silk. I also picked up the pattern to Fiddlestick's Lotus Blossum shawl. You can see Stephanie's, and Juno's. I wanted to blend the soy silk with some alpaca, but alas, the soy is too short, and won't blend. I decided to spin a single of alpaca, and one of soy, ply them, and see if I like it. Here's the tofu yarn :

Lately I've been on a real sushi craze. Now, I'm a vegetarian. When I say 'Vegetarian' I mean, no animals. No fish, no chicken, since last time I checked...those were animals too. Also, I have kept fish as pets, and am very fond of chickens, alive. Something that really bothers is me, is people going "Oh, you're a vegetarian, so you eat fish right?". No, kind un-wordly wise person. This New Year's, I was at my Grandmother's, and I told her that since I was a vegetarian, I did not, in fact, eat turkey. She kept saying "mais, c'est une Dinde!" (but, it's a Turkey!). She got herself all worked up over it, but alas, even a hysterical-over-turkey grandmother will not drive me to eat turkey. Anyway, my sushi is vegetarian, is the point of this long rant.

I sent a package off to my secret pal, and I hope she gets it soon. I wonder, if I'm the only one who gets anxious that their pal won't like what is sent, while the package is in transit? I've had many many dealings with the post office lately, and I should have already received 2 packages and as many letters...but alas, Marlaine The Mail Lady is only bringing bills. I give you your gratuitous Tarantula shot :

No, there isn't two tarantulas, that's just Ruby with his shed skin. look close, you can see the fangs. More word on the tofu/alpaca yarn as it progresses, and I'm check my mailbox until 4pm, even though I know that I don't receive mail any time after 12.
Because, you know, if I keep looking, something will appear.


At Thursday, February 16, 2006 10:13:00 AM, Anonymous Ina said...

LOL. I know quite a few "vegetarians" who happily devour butter, eggs, fish, poultry, pork, and beef broth - but don't eat "meat."


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