Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bloated, Puffy, Yarn Endowed.

All you gals out there will know what I'm talkin about. Anyway, I've been trying to catch up on Olympic Knitting, but I really don't think I'll make the cut. I promised pictures of the gifts from my lovely pal, and here they are.

Out of the darkness they came, a light that could not be denied...

As the shadows receded, the began to show their true colours, and oh, how brilliant they were. Like little...yellow...jewels, gleaming on their pink paper lake...

Beware all ye who dare write poetry, for if ye do not use it, ye will lose it. There is two skeins of koigu KPPM, a really cute little tape measure, and some washed and dyed kid mohair locks. I want to make Sockbug's river rapid socks...if that's what they're called (brain hiccup), but the printer won't print. Thankyou Secret Pal, and I tell you, she did better than me on the secrecy. I sent my pal's gift overseas and the post office lady warned me if I didn't put my name on it there was a chance it wouldn't be allowed. Isn't the koigu pretty?

And on to the complaining part (don't tell me you didn't anticipate it, you all saw the title). Happiness has been fleeting lately. Usually arriving around noon from the hands of the mail lady. Sometimes you just hit a spot, and everything starts going wrong. Then you break up with your boyfriend, and come back begging like a blithering idiot 8 hours later because you cried the whole time and really couldn't imagine why you would do such a thing.

Then you realize that your olympic knitting is doomed, because your wrists developed sharp pains on the first day, so you didn't knit at all for TWO days, and you still have to finish packing to move to the next province by Sunday February 26 when you load the van. And you're trying to find a home for the bearded dragon, but no one will take him, and you're leaving in just over a week. And then you can't move because you have vicious cramps, and yet, you have to go out in -38. You try to make pullas yesterday, and realize you don't have flour, so you throw the wet mix down the drain. You buy flour, and more yeast, but this time the yeast won't activate. So you throw that down the drain, and you try once more, and finally works. But then your stomach rebels because of the horrible cramps and you get sick from eat them (and anything else).

So you drag yourself up the stairs reluctantly, camera in hand, to take pictures of the Lizard of D00m, hoping some one will give him a good home. And then you look up and see This :

Now THAT is some serious cuteness.


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