Thursday, May 18, 2006

What's New Pussycat?

So, as we all know, I took a very long absence from blogging. There were several reasons for this, the first being the fact that I moved from Edmonton, back here to the West Kootenays in British Columbia. The decision was made on very short time, and we had 28 days to pack up the entire house and get our arses out of there. Needless to say, this became very stressful, and by the end I was getting migraines that would lay me out for hours at a time. This did not help me pack either. So finally, everything is here in BC, all the pets made it alive, and I unpacked a few things. Although I still haven't unpacked half of my boxes, which just goes to show that I don't actually need half of what I own, and yet I won't throw it away, because I know as soon as I do, I'll need it desperately! This also has the added benefit that if I move again (not likely in the near future) I'll only have to pack half my things!

Anyway, I get here, and two weeks later, my boyfriend up and dumps me. Surprised me too! We were long distance, and had been arguing more than usual for some time...But one day, bam "I don't love you anymore, bye." except of course, he didn't say goodbye. So I was depressed for a while. You know how everything somehow reminds you, and you burst into tears every five minutes? It went away slowly, two weeks later I called him and got my goodbye. I suppose I'm doing relatively well now. I'm happy most of the time, which is more than I could say when I was back in Edmonton. It's almost a shame really, that he dumped me right as I was becoming happy and fun to be around!

There are a few ways people react to news that you broke up with someone. There's the typical "Ohh, I'm so sorry." and of course the "You're young, you'll get over it." Which is true, I am young, and I will get over it, just not because of my age. So now I don't cry anymore if I hear the song "Earth Angel", and I wake up happy most mornings (except for those where I wake up grumpy, because of certain times of the month).

At the end of march I took a trip back to Edmonton to pick up my mare, Tia Sabrei. She's settled in well now, I bring her out in the evenings after the scorching heat has died a bit, and she mows the lawn while I prepare the garden, and the dogs sleep in the shade. It's all very quaint, I assure you.

Apart from that things have been blessedly low key. I continue to unpack boxes at the rate of "oh my god I need this right now and it's not unpacked!". I do a lot of cooking and baking, the rhubarb is finally coming up with a will, so there will be many rhubarb creations in the near future.

I have to get going, as I have to go and do some real work all of this long weekend, and there is laundry to wash and hang, linen to pack, food to cook, and various other small forgettable tasks! I should be back on Tuesday with more blogging, maybe a few recipes, and hopefully pictures of the socks I received from my pal (hint : they're absolutely lovely!)


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