Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Belated Thankyou

So, I got these wonderful socks from my sockapaloooza pal, a while ago, exactly on time (even a bit early). And they're gorgeous and soft and a lace pattern I've never seen before. Alpaca, and we all know about me and alpaca! It was really hard to get a good photo for some reason, my camera was not cooperating (it never does).

They're very bright, which is good for me. I'm not big on blacks and greys, because they're too dull and colorless, and absolutely love almost all colours. But I don't like to wear pink or purple very much, although deep wine purple is pretty. My horse somehow got a shallow cut on her hind left pastern. It's been an enormous excercise trying to come up with a method of disinfecting and applying vitamin E to the back foot of a horse who really would rather kick you than let you help her. As yet, I'm still searching for ideas.

It's off to Vancouver on Friday morning, to see a an old friend, a new Friend, and a for a wedding. I'll try to bring back some pictures, because I'm sure the bride and groom will be lovely. The bride being a family friend (of my mother's) and the groom, well, I've never met him but I'm sure he's lovely too. Hopefully the weather holds, because I think they were planning to have it outside. The reception is at the extraordinarily fancy capilano golf and country club. "men without suit jackets will be turned away at the door" kind of place. So I've been wearing three inch heels around the house, where almost no one will see me walking around like a penguin. It's getting better though, walking's not to bad. It's the standing that kills you.
And my legs aren't that white, I swear, the camera hates me.


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