Thursday, August 31, 2006

King of the Bongo

Lately I've been listening to that song a lot. For anyone who hasn't heard it, it's Bongo Bong by Manu Chao.

I've realize recently that I have more fleece than I know what to do with. This realization mostly struck me while trying to process fleeces on my days off of work. It's a little quicker now, having borrowed a drum carder from a friend. Naturally, my response to this terrible realization was to order more fleeces. You can't say you wouldn't have done the same. I have samples coming from a suri farm in Colorado, and lots of fleece from a huacaya farm in Wisconsin. I've also entered back into negotiations with Allison of New Moon Alpacas. I love her fleeces, and talking to her is always a blast. If you need fleeces, talk to Allison, you won't regret it! But you can't have Pandora's or Bartleby's this year. They're mine, all mine!

What else could I tell you? I came down with a head cold on saturday. It was horrible, snot everywhere. Work on monday was horrible so I called in sick tuesday. By yesterday I was starting to feel better and made it through a five hour shift. Did I mention the new job? At a organic vegetarian bakery/cafe. I do love it a lot, and hope to stay there for a while.

I have tons of spinning to show you, alpaca DK weight, alpaca laceweight, really laceweight silk spun from hankies. Unfortunately, Sister Twoshoes, Small Boy Twoshoes, Pregnant Twoshoes and Squinty Eye Twoshoes have all gone to Florida. With the digital Camera. Without me. So you can have pictures of goodies. In ten days when they come back from Florida without me.

In other news I received my last Secret Pal 8 package. I tell you, my spoiler, Princess Genevieve, really went above and beyond the call of duty. The latest package contained Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn, in the Life's A Beach colourway. I LOVE it. With the fiery passion of a thousand suns, or something very near that. It also had some yellow Cascade. I've heard everyone rant about Cascade, so I guess I get to jump n the bandwagon! The person I was spoiling was Malin from Sweden. Aparently the 'Maskros' in her name means Dandelion. A fitting pair we are! Malin in turn was spoiling Genevieve so I'm wondering SP coordinators, is this an oddity, or is the pal-distributing done in trios?

That's about all for now, Dorkboy Twoshoes is about due for a walk, and is driving me stark raving mad. I get to teach someone to knit tonight. I'm taking her to a yarn store too. As the Yarn Harlot once put it, Missionary Work. Brothers, Sisters, spread the word of Yarn!


At Friday, September 01, 2006 8:23:00 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

oh, good, so glad you like it!

I also was wondering about our little triangle of spoilage? Wonder if it was on purpose?


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