Saturday, October 28, 2006

More Natural Phenomenons

First I'm going to post about my International Scarf Exchange scarf and mitts I got from my lovely pal. Not only did she make me a wonderful leaf lace scarf, but she had some leftover yarn, so she made some of those fetching fetching from knitty.

As you can see, the scarf quickly went back to nature, blending in with the local scenery. The mits were a little harder to photograph, as they are a shy and elusive creature, who prefer to remain hidden in pumpkin patches.
One of the alpaca farm I'm doing a fleece to yarn trade with, will receive their end of the bargain soon.
From left to right we have 3 skeins Rocky x Dynamo, 50% huacaya and 50% suri, 204 yards total. Coal Man, 100% suri, 380 yards total. Rocky x Marble, 50% huacaya 50% suri, 300 yards total. Naturally Halloween, 40% huacaya 60% suri. Macluster 100% suri, 134 yards total. All 2-ply. Some Closeups :

Isn't this yarn the neatest? It's the combing refuse of coal man and macluster carded with a bit of Rocky (grey huacaya) then spun and plyed together. It's halloween!
Here's a closeup of Coal Man's yarn. This guy is as black as black comes, and shiny too!


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