Sunday, November 26, 2006

Ahem, Yarn?

Can't think of what else to write about, except oh, I got the first package from my SP9, here's what it contained :

Isn't she the greatest? Cutest little alpaca bag Ever, and also, an alpaca motif bracelet, and you see that book? That's Yarns to Dye for. I'm not so sure it's a pun either. I loved your gift, and I'm sorry I didn't post pictures earlier, but my mother had a baby. Yeah...anyway it's a boy. Because of complications she had to forsake the homebirth for a c-section and the whole 9 medical yards. Everyone's mostly okay now, and she got out of the hospital after four days. Unfortunately I'm the only person allowed to cook and/or clean. And I'm sick again, well, I wasn't ever Not sick, because this one didn't even wait for the last cold to leave.

Fibre work has been a bit sparse because actually, I can't think clearly. Oh, but look I made a baby sweater out of Handspun alpaca (cinnamon) and some green blue sky alpacas.

Oh, it has a back too.


At Monday, November 27, 2006 8:57:00 AM, Blogger Genevieve said...

nice package! and congrats to your mom.

At Thursday, November 30, 2006 4:28:00 AM, Blogger Dipsy Doodle said...

Wow, what a great package you received - enjoy all the goodies! And I *so* love the little sweater you did, it's so cute and looks heavenly soft and warm!

Dipsy D.

At Monday, December 04, 2006 3:51:00 AM, Blogger malinmaskros said...

Nice stuff - I like the alpaca bag!


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