Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve Morning

It's about that time again, to go into the new year. Attempt to stay up until midnight playing monopoly or risk or trivial pursuit, and make resolutions you never end up keeping. One might wonder why we even try, sometimes. We've all made it through Christmas or yule or Hanukkah or something. Most of us have eaten a lot more yummy things than we should have, and our new year's resolutions include losing weight, losing lots of weight. We want to fit back into those pants and have them look good dammit!

I was pondering the other day on the subject of mascara and how, not unlike nail polish, it made my eyelashes suffocate. Well, nail polish doesn't make my eyelashes suffocate, but rather, my nails. In any case, it occurred to me that the vast majority of makeup is applied in such a way as to make us look more vulnerable and weak. Did you know Marilyn Monroe had one of her high heels made intentionally shorter than the other, so that she would sway as she walked, for just that purpose? Makes you wonder, when did weakness become attractive? I suppose it varies from culture to culture, but in most of them, strength and beauty (at least for us females) are mutually reclusive (I really wish she hadn't stopped writing that blog, alas).

I guess what I'm trying to say is society is odd, and conforming is proving difficult. Not much knitting going on at the moment, I guess it'll have to be a resolution. Also, it may not be very well known, but I am, in fact, the queen of healthy homemade waffles. It has once again been proven by delicious spelt dairy-free (except for eggs, but are they considered dairy?) rice milk waffles! Huzzah!


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