Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saints alpacas

A word about Leanne St. Jean. She's a lovely lady, and she has more dogs than you can imagine. Anyway, on Sunday December 10th I took a friend (and two kids, neither of which were hers, but that's another story) out to Saints Alpaca farm. It was great great fun. You remember LaRocque? The fleece and yarn of incredible appaloosaness? Well let me tell you, he sure is something to see in person.

I also got to see quite a few other familiar fleeces while I was there, and leave Leanne with some yarn and a sneak peek at her up and coming shawl.

Behold, Aztec D'Kota, Currently becoming the Swallowtail Shawl. It think that's the name of it anyway, the one from the summer or fall issue of IK? D'Kota is actually not that dark of a fawn, but none of the other pictures turned out nicely.

She was kind enough to send me two lovely white fleeces. Alanna and Aristocat.

At this point I'm not exactly sure which one of those pictures is who, but they're both lovely. I didn't actually have a camera with me when I went to her farm, or to the Mooseberry Meadows (you'll hear about that one next), But I'll attempt to find pictures of stuff somewhere. Since we all know drive-by readers only read posts with pictures.


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