Sunday, February 25, 2007

Canadian culture, and scarves.

It was only after I typed the title that I realized what an essential part of Canadian culture scarves are. Anyway, why this subject? Well, as I was chatting with a friend the other day, she expressed her wish to go somewhere other than Canada, because Canada "has no discernable culture". Now, I was immediately affronted, because we are both Canadians, and yet she had the gall to say our country had no culture of it's own? Ludicrous in my mind. I'm quite certain people who've lived in ireland, or Thailand, or China all their lives don't think of their countries having a special, stand-alone culture.

I think a good way to ascertain a country's culture, is to watch what people who immigrate to said country do in an attempt to seem less foreign. So what kind of things make up Our culture? How about snow? It's here 6 months a year. The Quebecois and their unique adaptation of french? The labelling guidelines on products, stating that everything must be labelled in both english and french for resale. Hockey, Mittens, Glittens, and gloves. Yeah, and Newfoundland? Nationally slow healthcare? Those are pretty Canadian. We live in a country where civilization is describes as anywhere containing two or more chinese restaurants. Most of Canada, obviously, is completely backasswater. And you know what we have here that they don't have in the USA? Crunchy cheesies, Butter tarts, and Rick Mercer. Also, Shelagh Rogers, Ian Handsomemanthing, and CBC in general.

Plus, has anyone noticed how much CanadaPost kicks USPS's ass? Honestly, the only bad things that ever happen to my mail, happen once they cross the border. The post office workers will even chip in a dollar and thirty cents from their own pocket if your debit card has epilepsy. Anyway, back to the subject of scarves, which you may have spotted during my culture rant, strategically placed so drive-by readers stop and lend me an eye. They're both 100% suri alpaca, spun and knit by yours truly. Unfortunately they're for an exchange with a farm, so they left last week. I've knit a total of 4 scarves since october, and not a one did I get to keep. I did finish the Peacock feathers shawl though. I haven't the courage to block it at the moment (or the space), so it's sitting in a rumpled heap on my yarn-mountain table.

My wonderful drum carder was starting to act strange, so we performed drum carder surgery this afternoon, which led to a full cale cleanup of the fibre creation room. Due to space constraints and my living situation, this also doubles as my bedroom, snake/tarantula room, library, closet, and stash room. Anyway, drum carder works again, room has considerably less alpaca fuzz-weeds drifting over it's floor.


At Monday, February 26, 2007 7:27:00 PM, Blogger Lynne said...

G'day Melanie!
Got your parcel today - the yarn is very pretty and I shall find something nice to make out of it, thanks! DH will enjoy one of the choc blocks, lol, and the coffee substitutes look interesting. I'm not expecting a second skein of something different like the spin off website says?


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