Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh hey, I have a blog.

Whoops, kinda forgot about this little page. I got pretty sick on tuesday, and stayed in bed the next day too, horrible stomach flu...or maybe food poisoning. Now I have a head cold, always fun. I went to a chi kung workshop last monday, and that was really quite helpful. You guys wanna see some pictures?

First we have the yarn from Tricotin's Spin me a treasure swap. It's tencel and mohair, all the way from Texas. Not the softest thing out there, but the colours are pretty gorgeous, maybe I'll use it as a warp!

Next we have a pair of giant mansocks I made as part of a trade for an alpaca farm. They're size twelve. I carden, spun, and knit the damn things. I never want to make socks this big again! Sadly I don't think that's up to me. My hand for scale, which probably doesn't help unless you know how big my hand is!

Next we have a scarf I'm making in trade, she wanted something plain, but I'm not really happy with this. To me it says 'rustic' but not the kind of rustic I like. It'll probably end up getting ripped back and re-knit. I hate knitting scarves, did anyone know that?

In any case, I'll try to update more often. I may even resort to desperate measures to create blog fodder if I have to. And on another last note, I forgot to add that I also recieved a beautiful needle case from my Secret Pal that I didn't photograph or post...Next time, when I pick the million dog hairs off of it!


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