Friday, March 30, 2007

On the Devil, Hell, and also, My Birthday.

So, it has come to my attention, in the three weeks I have been an Evil Minion, that I am not being payed enough to pretend I don't work in Hell, and Wal-Mart isn't the Devil. Aside from that little detail, it's not as bad as I thought it would be. My co-Minions are generally likeable, nice people. My superior-minions are accomodating with my needs for days off, and not being able to work evenings for the next two months, and are also generally nice people. And so far, I haven't gotten in trouble for spending customer-free time gossiping with other cashiers, probably because my superior-minions are also gossiping. Could be worse.

On to the subject of my Birthday. Today I had to show a co-worker my driver's license to to prove I would be the age I am about to be. I'm deciding it's a good thing. And serendipitously, The local Ballroom Dance night will be a week early in April, thereby falling exactly on the Saturday (april 7th) that is my Birthday, and not on the next Saturday, which is another dancer's birthday dancing bash. I'm planning to take some workshops on cha-cha and foxtrot in the afternoon, and then dance all night.

Now, because it is my birthday, and I get to dance all day, I thought I would treat myself to a nice dress, as a birthday present. It's been many years since I was actually given something I wanted for my birthday and, well, I'm still living with that hairbag. This year is proving to be slightly different, with the Lovely package my SP sent me. Unfortunately it seems damn near impossible to get a $*%@ing dress in this town. I've checked almost every store in this town, except for the salvation army (which is horrible in Nelson). I found two that Might do. One is $100 over my budget, and I don't really know If I like the other one. Might have to be a shirt and skirt again.

Also, I think Virgin mobile should change it's name, because their system is Royally screwed.


At Saturday, April 07, 2007 7:27:00 PM, Blogger Romelda said...

happy birthday to you!! (cue the music, please!)


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