Friday, May 18, 2007

Remember that time I went to dance class smelling like skunk?

So the Idiot-Dog walked outside, scared a skunk right outside the front door. Got sprayed in the face. runs back inside, and he must have drooled on my pantleg without me seeing. I dragged him outside careful not to let him touch me, and tied him up.

Unfortunately, everything within fifty feet stank, and I didn't notice, that I too stank. I did not in fact notice, until I got to class, since I figured my senses were overpowered by skunk. I tried in vain to get the smell out with baking soda and water, to no avail. Also, stank up the entire beginner class.

Run away to the outside, call home.
"Hi, mom?"
"I really need you to bring me some new clothes, I stink."
"but I'm hungry!"
"but I reek!"
I did get new clothes, and it seemed to make most of the smell go away. I think by that time I was down to heavily-stoned scent level. Yeah, sorry to my salsa partners. Although the teacher did in sympathy tell me of the time he got skunked before going into a movie theatre.

So I came home, and de-skunkified myself in a bath of soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda. After I got out, I added a whole bunch more and took it in buckets outside to dump on the dog.

Remember that time I went to dance class with skunk on me? I do.


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