Tuesday, May 01, 2007


So I got my 2nd Spackage from my pal a little while ago, and it was truly wonderful. It arrived on a not so good day, and was truly a highlight. I would have posted sooner, but blogger appears to have issues with WORKING. So, you know. Here we have Magazine (it came with wooden needles...they're somewhere), Cupcake notebook (my pal has a thing for cupcakes...who knew?), some jewelry, there was also a very neat hair vice, it escapes me. and Les Pieces de Resistance : A beret in LL Cedar, white angora roving (!), and the other is camel/silk (!!).

My pal dearly wishes she had a dog, but her husband thinks this is certain evidence for an insanity plea. So I had Coda model the Beret (also I don't photograph well with hats, no idea why).

Other things of note : sheep pie. They kinda look like alpacas to me though. Don't worry though, the filling is spicy apple/pear. Not really spicy, I just like to add some chilis to my normal apple pies for interest.

Also, Chicken.

(around here they're bigger than most horses)


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