Friday, June 29, 2007

The last Spackage

I recently recieved my concluding spackage from my absolutely gorgeous pal Ingrid. She's an absolute doll, and sends the most beautiful things from London(!), England(!!).

From left to right we have silk roving, Posh yarn's sophia (my first cashmere, how exciting!), and opal sockyarn hand-dyed by her.

an EZ book (another first for me, but let's face it, I'm like olive oil - extra virgin.) And a copy of a wonderful new UK magazine called Yarn Forward. Also, geisha lip gloss. There were candies, but I'm not sure where they are now (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).

And get this. She knit me a shrug, out of rowan yarn (which I've also never had). My very own shrug! I have been wearing it religiously, as it is positively divine.

But it was a bargain

So my grandma calls me up about a week and a half ago, and says "oh, do you know that Betty's mother just died and they had that loom you two were talking about and now they need to sell it?"

So the next day I go out and take a look at the thing, and it's not really small. It's a Leclerc 4 harness Artisat, circa August 1977.

Now, since this transaction was one doukhobor to another, fierce bargaining ensued (not really, it was actually pretty tame). And it came with an accordion, which is at the doctor's right now. Because uhm, I decided that I need to know how to play the accordion. My reasoning behind this is that it's a great instrument to play under the influence of A) alchohol, B) France, C)busty barmaid outfits and D) all of the above.

Back to the loom (excuse the mess, but this now takes up 1/4 of the room I have allotted as my own personal space, starving food-obsessed student-of-life that I am, so there's not much room for everything else.

This was Betty's mother's last project, and so I shall cut it off and return it to them.

I should probably start learning to weave.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax

Scratch the ships and sealing wax, didn't get any of those lately. Even though I've been MIA for an amazingly long time, there is some exciting blogging material.

Exhibit A, "There's no place like home". Especially not for $14.99 USD. Of course shipping is $14. But still quite reasonable

Enter Exhibit B "zomg!!1 they were polka dotted and had a bow and I just couldn't NOT get them!"

We won't discuss what these cost, but it wasn't $14.99. Gratuitous dog butt.

Up next, what's the largest, most useless thing you could buy when you don't weave and already have a tableloom? Also, final Spackage, which totally rocks!