Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Harlot and Everything After

Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee, Spinner, Knitter, and writer, has been inspiring me to throw caution to the wind, and not knit gauge swatches since I came across her blog a year and a half ago. Her colourful language and knitting have pushed me towards starting problems Projects sane people wouldn’t, and abandoning ones only a reasonable person would pursue. She has always had witty, insightful advice on such global afflictions as steeking, dropped stitches, miscrossed cables, and even Second Sock Syndrome.

Have you developed a twitch in your left eye upon discovering your creative interpretation of the chart for your lace shawl, artfully constructed out of Alpaca Dental Floss? Worry not, for after a suitable amount of cursing, help will be on the way! Though I am not yet a knitting master, and my neighbours still vue me as slightly sane, I hope that one day I too will be as old, wise, and completely off my rocker as The Yarn Harlot.

Thankyou for blogging our knitting days brighter!

P.S. Anyone know what the title of this post is derived from?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Yarn and Sheep

So a little while ago I received my first package from my spoiler. I haven't really had access to a camera i know how to use until now, so here...

The mint Lorna's Laces popped right out of the box at me, and she also sent me the yarn harlot's second book, and copy of Knit1, one of those absolutely adorable little sheepy measures, some green and black's maya gold chocolate (which has been gone for quite some time) and some Alchemic Dragon Lavender soap! Somehow the other components of the box don't seem to have made it into the picture. Thankyou dear pal, it was a really wonderful surprise! The other skeins of Lorna's Laces are the ever popular Gold Hill, which I bought on on my trip to vancouver, where we ended up staying only 2 blocks from a yarn store. Fate? I think not!

Also, we have some Opal Tiger, and uhm, three skeins of blue sky alpacas that I got as the last gift from my sp7 (sorry for not posting them!) they're so soft, and I absolutely love the colours of them. She had also sent me some nice face masks, and a lovely wooden darning needle case.

Some bighorn sheep, looking a little moth-eaten in this weather...I wonder what their wool spins like?